Although we are affiliated to national Mencap we are an independent local charity and receive no direct funds from them. Everything we do is funded by our own fundraising efforts or grants from trusts . Our volunteers do a range of sales,raffles and sponsored events to raise the funds for our services . If you are able to help in any way for example knowing a local shop that will take a tin , keeping a coin jar for loose change or offering a little of your time to help please contact us . 

        100 club

   The 100 club is into its second year now . For £2 per number per month you get entered into the monthly draw for 3 cash prizes . As we get more members the prizes will get bigger . This will be an important fundraiser for us as we go through the year of our rebuilding with greatly reduced income so encourage all your friends and families to join in . To join phone me in the Office on 01372 374555.

New Fundraising Ideas 

   We are always looking for new fundraising ideas , and this is especially needed during the interim period on our forthcoming redevelopment project .